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A New Fiery Teaching on the planet Earth.

A New Teaching on the Fiery Cross or a New Teaching on a True Fiery Love, or a New Teaching on the Fiery Baptism of all mankind. All these names of the New Fiery Teaching are correct. It is not a new Teaching, as it flourished on Earth thousands and thousands of years ago. It was a peaceful time on the Earth, as everything this Teaching teaches was fulfilled. This Fiery Teaching is mentioned in all books of Living Ethics that were given to humanity through Helena Roerich. The New Teaching is a well-forgotten old Teaching on Fiery Love. A lot of those souls, who came and keep coming to the Earth had to develop a Fiery Love in themselves, and after that they had to receive the Teaching on the Fiery Cross. But having received knowledge our students departed from the right course and left us. We planned to give the Teaching in 1930, but it did not happen. Then in the 1960s it did not work as well. According to the Decision of the Galactic Council of the Great Cosmos, the Teaching must be on Earth with the beginning of the New Age - the Age of Fire. But by this time there are no students who reached the line of Fiery Love, and this task was undertaken by my student Lyudmila Masterina.
On the 28th of June 1998 was launched the development of the Cosmic Universal Fiery Love on the planet Earth. Prayers, blessed by the Heavenly Father, are in process. The first prayers of the New Teaching on a True Fiery Love spread within the society as white doves. For the first time, on August 9, 2000, an ordinary earthly woman, based on her earthly life; on her tremendous Love, True Love to the Father-Mother of Heaven; on a huge Love for all humanity, has changed the text of the Prayer given by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago.
This is the way the new, the strongest, the brightest, healing, fiery prayer "Our Father" has appeared on the Earth. The era of Divine Fire has started, and the Light of Love of Heavenly Father is pouring over the Earth. A Teaching on True Love or a Teaching on Fiery Baptism accelerates its pace, purifying and healing all who want to love and to be loved by God. The Fiery prayers were given in order to help all people of the planet Earth. Even the devil himself is afraid of it. And by energy level these prayers are much higher than those prayers that exist on the Earth. Fiery prayers were given to help you, and the Fiery Cross is a direction sign on your earthly path!
Our Path is the shortest one, and available for everyone. This is a Path of purification and Love. This is a Path of Heart. It is a Path of Divine Truth. I want to repeat it to everyone again, so that everyone could understand, that our Teaching on Fiery Love is not a new religion. NO and NO!
If We are talking about God; about Divine Love; if We call on people to peace, goodness, mercy, tranquility; correct recognition; ask to think first, and only then to do; if We ask to read prayers and through these prayers to help to themselves, to their nearest and dearest, and to all living beings; if We ask to pray and to cherish our planet Earth, if We ask everyone to be tolerant to each other and to learn to love each other - it does not mean that We are talking about a new religion. We remind you, people, how to live. No, our Teaching is not a religion. We are talking about human values and not having these values it is impossible to become Human, the one, the Heavenly Father wants us to see.
"I believe in Heavenly Father, as in my Heavenly Parent, who gave me life and breathed in his Love," says the prayer "Symbol of Faith". Yes, the Heavenly Father breathed a little piece of himself into everyone.
"O Almighty God, and a piece of You is in me!" written in “Agni Yoga” books. This very piece of God makes all of us to be God’s children. Children of God! I am Jesus Christ, the Master of all mankind, and I tell everyone that True Love has descended upon Earth and the Fiery, Universal, the Tenderest Love of the Heavenly Father-Mother spreads around, illuminating, lighting and healing all people who have opened the Temple of their own hearts. The Earth itself changes under the gentle rays of Love of Almighty God. The Fiery Transfiguration occurs everywhere. The Fiery Transfiguration will affect everything and everyone, as the Great Love of Heavenly Father pours incessantly, constantly increasing its power. It means that, whether you like it or not, the Fiery Love will enter your bodies and will purify it from everything that is not of God.
That’s what we call a Fiery Baptism of all earthlings. And this Baptism slowly walks by the whole planet Earth. And it is necessary that our Teaching became a REASON FOR BEING for every person. Our Beloved Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Masters want that. The New Teaching is nothing but the development of True Love in every human heart. Elena P. Blavatsky said: "There is no religion higher than Truth!" And it is so!
I am your Master Jesus Christ and I taught you Love. I used to say: "Love each other!" And now at the down of new life on the Earth, my student Lyudmila Masterina repeats these immortal words over and over: "My dear people, love each other!" And she adds:
"Regenerate the True Love on the Earth! Learn to Love the Great God, the One God, with all your heart! Be able to merge with Him! Remember that originally all of us came out of the Heart of Almighty God. Learn to bring the Light of peace and goodness to all people! Learn to love people the same way the God loves us! Learn to become merciful, unselfish, kind, as these are the human qualities that purify and illuminate the future life of everyone. Walk with God! Remember the commandments of Christ, think of it and implement it. Slowly, but clearly and with desire, prepare yourself for a meeting with the Great Master, and everyone will meet Him when the time comes. Think if you will dare to raise your eyes to Him? Will your soul be calm? Will your conscience be clean? The Master sees everything. Be as simple as doves, and be full of love like the Lord. I give my Light, my Love, my Life, My Thoughts, my work to people, in order to help them to understand, to accept and to recognize the Living God in themselves "(From the auteur film "I Send Love to You!")
Our Teaching on the Fiery Cross and the True Love is the translation of the Bible into modern language. Thank God! So far no one has added nothing to our Teaching, it means that all the Teaching shines with the Fire of Love, Light and Peace. The light of Divine Fire spreads across the planet through our books (as of today there are five of them), our discs, our lectures and our website. And if you gather together the information from all our books, you will get a real New Fiery Bible of the spiritual development of all mankind, for the whole planet Earth. This is what our Heavenly Father dreamed of. And We are glad that His Dreams begin to come true on the Earth. The time will come and the whole Earth will be covered with the Love of Heavenly Father. And this love will be burning as a Fire in every human heart. And white flowers of new life will be growing and blooming on the whole planet Earth as a symbol of Peace and Love, Kindness and Mercy, Unselfishness and Friendship. And our books will become manuals of fair life for all mankind. Be it so!
An excerpt from a new book "I KNOCK INTO YOUR HEART", Chapter "New Fire Teaching on the Planet Earth" (page169).

Lyudmila Gubko

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