» » FINAL WARNING TO MANKIND (Последнее предупреждение человечеству)

FINAL WARNING TO MANKIND (Последнее предупреждение человечеству)

 People of planet Earth! WE, the Great Gods, led by God Almighty, are addressing you. The crucial days of life on the planet are approaching. By the will of the people, the hardest wars are going on Earth, people are dying, and there are many children among them. God gave life to everyone in order for them to live, not for cruel people to kill. You are not the one who gave life, and you are not the one to take it away. People, what are you doing? The earth is wet with blood. It is impossible to express the pain of the planet.  We were waiting for a long time for you humans to wise up and stop the wars. But you only waken wars. STOP! But the forces of darkness (and it is people who are the forces of darkness) do not have enough victims, and they threaten to start a third world war. But there will be no winners in this war. Life on Earth will disappear, and it will happen again at the will of man. The planet wallowed in vice, murder, violence, expletives and sodom seduction.

Countries, that kneel before the forces of darkness, want to destroy Russia. Look at the military ring they have made around the country.  Stop! WE are defending Russia - it is the only country on Earth that is fighting for peace on the whole planet, defending its country and its faith in God.

People of the Earth! Change your mind! What are you doing?  You're destroying yourselves! Stop starting wars! Stop killing your neighbors! Stop and think about your children and your future!

Stop releasing and spreading weapons on the planet that kill not only human life, but also nature. Besides you, people, there are many other civilizations living on Earth. Is it their fault that you have turned away from God and turned to the devil. You should know that your own weapons will shoot at you. Your own evil will return to you! Western countries and the USA stop! The Earth world is approaching the last drop of life. Think about it!

Come to the negotiating table! All of you are God's children at heart, so why do you side with the forces of darkness, and why are you chuffed to see war’s success.

WE, the Great Heavenly Gods, are warning you for the last time! We give you a little time to realize what is happening on the planet. If you don't wise up, WE will open the Gates of Karma completely and everyone will get what they deserve. All those who killed, who gave orders to kill, who rejoiced in mass deaths, all of them will get into the lowest layers of the astral, from where you may not return and never see the sun.

America, Britain, France, Germany, Germany, Ukraine, Israel and other militant countries don't think you are almighty and that you will not be touched by Karma. KARMA IS ALREADY COMING AT YOU. Western countries, stop! You have reached the line of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Israel, how could you pour blood on the Holy place? The Son of the Almighty Lord walked on your land. But you have flooded the Holy Land with evil and hatred. What are you doing? Think, people, all of you think, where and to what place can the Divine, Graceful Fire now descend? Or you, people, do not need the Lord at all?

The strongest negative vibe comes from the planet earth, which threatens the life of the entire Universe. That is why the question has arisen in the Cosmos: should we save humanity and the Earth or just the planet? For us and for the whole solar system, it is necessary to save the planet earth. The life of mankind is taking second place. Think, people, about what you’ve done with the life of the planet earth. People, stop your evil! Stop it! As your life hangs in the balance!

Pray, people, pray, pray!

Pray together for your home, for yourselves, for your children, and for peace on Earth.  And WE will see if you need peace and planet Earth, which is your home. And don't think that WE are joking or scaring you, no, this is all very serious.

WE ask our disciple Ludmila-Masterina to bring Our thoughts to all mankind.

With care, with Love and with the last warning, Cosmic Jesus-Sananda Christ and All Masters of the Earth and Heaven.

November, 3, 2023. 13:31 pm.








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