HEAVENLY FATHER! HEAR US!


This letter was written after a missive attack of the USA on Syria. I will not remain silent! The heads of the countries don’t hear each other any more. They stopped thinking of their actions and the consequences of these actions. And the consequences of their decisions are very bitter.
We live in the 21st century. Humanity is getting ready for the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age. It will be a time of peace, understanding, kindness, mercy, unselfishness and cordial Love all over the world. A True Divine Love came over Planet Earth. The time will come and this Love will be burning in every human heart on our Planet Earth. And the Earth will be in a full bloom, and people will take care of their Planet. Those will be the golden days. The happiness, blessed by the Holy Father, will enter every heart and every family. Of course, it will take a lot of time to heal all the wounds, people gave to Earth, but time will cure both - planet and people. All will be cured and everything will be done to save the memories, as people shall remember all the evil they used to do on Earth and what were the results of their actions. Mother Earth is our common home. In other words, it’s a house that we share and when one of its walls is damaged, the whole house and the whole family suffer. Unfortunately, the heads of some countries do not want to understand this fact. They think themselves Masters of the whole Planet.
On July 25, 2013, I asked people to join me for a similar pray. Together we prayed the Holy Father to ACCELERATE the return of pain, sorrow, and tears to the people it came from (http://gubko.info/mysli/186-zhdu-vashego-ponimaniya.html). Unfortunately, only a dozen of people joined me. I am grateful to these people. The Higher Forces have answered our request. The decision of the Holy Father to accelerate the return of evil to the one it came from, has already descended to Earth and works successfully. The teacher says that if people do not pray for help, it means that they are happy with everything and they do not need God’s help. The aim of my request was to educate people. They have to think and realize that their own evil will return to them. People shall remember: do not sin and you won’t have to cry, do not send evil, and it won’t return to you. You reap what you sow. If we analyze our life carefully, we will see the way God's Decision is performed on Earth.
In these lines, I ask you, people, to pray with me for the acceleration of retributive justice not only to a certain person, but also to the whole countries. Countries, that believe everything is allowed to them, and they can determine the fate of other countries around the world. The impunity strengthens their lies, cruelty, greed, self-confidence, and irresponsibility.
At the beginning of April 2017, the United States showed an act of brutal and arbitrary aggression against Syria. They do not need any decisions, as this country believes that the USA is a master of the entire planet Earth, and other countries are nobody but the slaves, that are afraid to say a single word against the US, otherwise, American soldiers will be sent to their lands. There were almost no wars on the territory of the US. Almost nobody and never attacked America. The only attacks that took place at the end of the 18th century were connected with the war for independence with England. The British attacked Washington in 1814. Since then, all the terror comes from the United States, and this country has never been punished. (https://mensby.com/life/interesting/3977-united-states-intervened)
Americans are not used to losing people on the war. Compare: The Second World War - they have lost less than 300.000 people, the 1st World War - 53.000 (we have lost around 2 million people), the war for independence - 4,400 people. It looks like this is the only reason that hold's America's hand from aggression against Russia. Yankees are not used to losses. (http://oko-planet.su/infonfoko/71678-polnyy-spisok-vseh-voennyh-prestupleniy-soedinennyh-shtatov-ameriki.html)
More than 130 times within 121 years America intervened in the affairs and life of at least 50 countries. And this intervention brought nothing but the ruin, murder, tears and pain. There is no country where America would bring peace and love. There is no country in the world that could be sure that suddenly the US leaders won’t have a desire to "play" war, and turn their guns on civilians. Here you can find the full list of war crimes, committed by the US.
The US was NEVER punished for these crimes.
https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/ List of US military operations
With a sore heart, one can read this long list. Behind every line, one can see a country, full of pain and blood, dead and injured people. And all this is a dirty action of the United States. It is an unpunished, irresponsible and ruthless country. It is believed that this is the way they defend their national security. I want to put a question to the people and to the government of America. Tell me please, what kind of danger was coming eight times from the peaceful population of Panama (1895, 1901-14, 1908, 1912, 1918-20, 1958, 1964 and 1989), Nicaragua, (1894, 1896, 1898, 1899, 1907, 1910, 1912-33), Honduras (1903, 1907, 1911, 1912, 1919, 1924-25, 1983-89), China (1894-95, 1898-1900, 1911-14, 1922-27, 1927-34, 1948-49, 1958). Six times American troops marched into Cuba (1898-1902, 1906-1909, 1912, 1917-33, 1961, 1962), five times into Iran (1946, 1953, 1980, 1984, 1987-88), four times they intervened in the affairs of Haiti (1891, 1914-34, 1987-94, 2004-05), the Dominican Republic (1903-04, 1914, 1916-24, 1963-66), Yugoslavia (1919, 1946, 1992-94, 1991-93), Iraq (1958, 1963, 1990-91, 1991-93) and the Philippines (1898-1910, 1948-54, 1989, 2002). Three times the American troops were sent to Korea (1894-96, 1904-05, 1945-53), Libya (1981, 1986-89, 2011), Guatemala (1920, 1954, 1966-67), Yemen (2000, 2002, 2004) and Liberia (1990, 1997, 2003). Two times they traveled with foreign missions to such countries as Chile (1891, 1964-73), Mexico (1913, 1914-18), Puerto Rico (1898, 1950), El Salvador (1932, 1981-82), Germany 1948, 1961), Laos (1962, 1971-73), Somalia (1992-94, 2006) and Afghanistan (1998, 2001).
In addition to the important role, America played in the First and the Second World War, American combat troops were active in Argentina, Samoa, Russia, Guam, Turkey, Uruguay, Greece, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Oman, Macedonia, Syria, Pakistan, Bolivia, Virginia Zaire (Congo), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Grenada, Angola, Sudan, Albania, Bosnia and Colombia.

And everywhere one can see the brutal hand of the United States. Americans, please give an answer to the people of the Earth - what was the fault of the population of those countries where you have destroyed the normal life? What kind of threat to the national security have you seen in civilians of Donetsk and Lugansk, who are being killed because of your order? It is terrible that many western countries agree with the aggressive actions of the United States. And if the people of the country support the decisions and actions of the country management, it means that ALL of them will have to share the responsibility. The pain of the suffering countries will return to the population of the aggressive countries.
Nowadays there is only one country on our planet that spreads PEACE around the world. This country is RUSSIA. A great, free, strong, loving, abundant, bright country irritates the US and all western countries. The ideology of our country differs from the ideology of these countries and this is the reason why they provoke our people. I guess they have forgotten what the Holy Scripture says: "For all who draw the sword will die by the sword" (Matthew 26:52). Very often these words assign to Prince Alexander Nevsky, but they were said by Lord JESUS CHRIST. "Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword!" At the heart of this phrase is the famous evangelical expression: "Those who took the sword will perish by the sword." The full form is: “Then Jesus says to him, "Return your sword into its place; for all those having taken the sword, will perish by the sword”
(Gospel of Matthew 26: 52).
A similar expression was well known in the ancient world, in pre-evangelical times. For example, in ancient Rome, it existed as a winged phrase: "For all they that take the sword shall perish by the sword". Those who plan anything against Russia should remember these words.
Of course, the only thing we can do is to ask Heavenly Hosts for help, pray and send PEACE, LIGHT, AND LOVE to everyone. But without God’s help, it is very difficult for us to save the life on the Earth. I guess it is impossible. It’s all in God’s hands and to resolve this issue we are waiting for help God’s help only. It is not our, but LORD’s decision. We are not the one to return distributed evil and pain, but the LORD. I believe in HIS Fair Decision.
  I read a prayer appealed to the Heavenly Hosts and to the Heavenly Father. I ask HIM AND ALL THE POWERFUL FORCES OF LIGHT, TO COLLECT ALL PAIN FROM ALL COUNTRIES AND TO SEND IT BACK to the source it came from. So that NOBODY and NEVER DARE to spread the pain around the world; so that our children, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters did not die; so that innocent people didn’t suffer. And this must be done ASAP, otherwise, the American tentacles will hurt someone again. They will do it with impunity and irresponsibly. The Lord sees everyone and everyone will get one’s fairing.
People of Earth! I am looking for your support! Please, leave a comment or vote for me to know that I'm not the only one asking Heaven to help the planet to get rid of evil. Read the prayer so that the Hosts of Heaven could see, that all people want only peace, goodness and tranquility. People are tired to live in fear of war and terror. We ask the Lord to STOP evil on Earth.

You are the one God for all! YOU Are at Every Turn, and in the Highest Center of All Power! We appeal to YOU, to Your Great Heart! Our Lord Jesus Christ! Our Higher Hosts of Heaven! Our Heavenly Brothers and Sisters! We, people of the planet Earth, appeal to YOU. Hear us! We ask for help with our hearts. Humanity is on the verge of the destruction of itself and all life on the planet. The rulers of the Western countries do not think about people, peace, Earth protection. Instead, they plan new wars that will bring tears, pain, and murders. The world is on the verge of a nuclear war, which will destroy all life. Hence, the planet will be destroyed.
You are the MOTHER of Gods, people and everything that existed, exists and will exist, hence, our MOTHER as well! All Hosts of Heaven Love You. You illuminate and warm all living things By Your Motherly Love. You are the True, Kind, Compassionate MOTHER of all mankind. You always race to the rescue of your children. Help us as well, so that we remembered and loved You, as Beloved Mother and Beloved Father, our Heavenly Parents.
Beloved Mother of the World, direct your Eyes at all of mankind and at every person of the Earth. Offer Your Merciful Hand, wipe our tears, reduce suffering and help us to kindle the Fire of Love in our hearts, in order to receive the Love of Your Great Heart.
We ask You, Beloved Mother of the World, to consecrate the Earth with Your Motherly Love, to connect all nations into one Ring of Paternal and Maternal Love, the Ring of Happiness. Stay with us, so that our Earth could blossom and breathe Love, Peace, and Goodness forever.
Bless us, Beloved Mother of the World, cover us with Your Protective Robe, save and protect us from everything that is not of God. Save our earth for eternal life.
We, the people of the planet Earth, appeal to YOU!
We ask YOU, to give us strength, knowledge, courage, steadfastness, confidence, fearlessness, peacefulness, kindness, mercy and love to all Russians, and help to spread these qualities on the entire planet Earth. Protect all countries from everything that is not from God.
We ask YOU to STOP the terrible plans of the United States of America, Britain, Germany, France and other countries intended to aggression and destruction of all mankind, for the sake of their ambitions. PROTECT all people from any aggression and terror.
We ask YOU, to ACCELERATE justice not only to a certain person, but also to those countries that support aggression and terrorism.
We ask YOU, to ACCELERATE the cleanse of mankind’s mind so that people could understand that the Earth is our common home and it must be protected and learned to live in peace, good and love.
HOSTS OF HEAVEN! HELP us to save both mankind and planet. We want peace! We want friendship between all nations on Earth, but the troubled areas of the world and the aggressive plans of the United States worry our hearts. HELP TO SAVE LIFE ON THE EARTH!
In the Name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother. Amen! (3 times).

This letter-request of a human being to the Higher Forces was APPROVED by the Lord of Earth and Heaven, Head of the Galactic Council, Lord JESUS CHRIST. He said:
"People of the Earth! The time has come when the peace on the planet depends on all and sundry. We have waited for a very, very long time to hear a request from a man, but for years, decades, centuries, there was no common and purposeful appeal from all of you. We haven’t heard it. And now, finally, we hear it. It is true, that because of the governors of some countries the Earth is on the verge of destruction. We are upset that the population of the Western countries agrees with the aggressive decisions of the rulers of their countries. Therefore, not only rulers, but people of these countries as well will have to pay for pain and tears of innocent people.
We, the Higher Spirit, Fire Creatures of the Great Cosmos, ACCEPT your requests. You will not find out what was Our Decision, but you will see our actions. People, please, think one step ahead! No one is allowed to take the life of another person. You are not the one to give it, and you are not the one to take it! The Lord gives life in order to LIVE, and not be killed by someone's will. People, love life! Protect the peace, planet and all forms of life on it. And WE will look at the heartfelt sympathy of people for the content of this letter. Or is it just my student’s request?"

April 04, 2017

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