I PRAY, BUT THEY KEEP COMING... 


       After we’ve published the article "The true story", my student has received a lot of letters caring very similar statements: "I pray, but they keep coming...", "I have started to read your prayers and orders. They don’t come one or two days and then they appear again. Why does it happen?" "How can I get rid of my uninvited guests who arrive at night?" These are the main concerns people have. And We have mentioned it in our books, but people still have questions and they need a true answer. Of course every case is unique, but still, there are many common features in this kind of stories. I suggest you read carefully My thoughts below and to make YOUR OWN correct conclusions.
1. It's enough to dream just a few times about sex with someone, imagine yourself the main character in these "love" games, and your thoughts will be caught by "visitors" from Astral. Very slowly they will start to pump out your life energy. They will do it invisibly, but noticeably, as you will fill it. After a while, they will come to your night dreams in the person of familiar man (husband, lover, friend, etc.) They will be coming to your dreams regularly and have sex with you. And if the woman won’t stop it all BY HERSELF, the astral "visitor" will come to the physical plane. Yes, he will do it straightly, tangibly, but in the person of a handsome man. The same happens with men. A beautiful woman or a man may visit them.
2. Watching porn or movies with open sexual scenes people take part in it on the mental level. Once the idea to watch porn comes to one’s mind, astral "visitors" surround this person with a dense ring. Almost always a part of them remains in the house. People can’t see them, but they feel a frequent loss of strength, fatigue, outbreaks of chronic diseases, irritability, insomnia and other kinds of health disorders.
3. Old Adams have their personal bedfellows in astral, who will not allow these people to become better and to purge from sins. Very slowly they are taking them all downhill, making old Adams’ surroundings to suffer.
4. All warlocks, black magicians, lying healers, fake teachers, who made a fortune on their lectures. Authors of the books, who give false information to people, covering their lies under the Names of the Light Teachers and Saints. People who use and advise others all kinds of conspiracies, slanders, fortune-telling, as well as leaders of different sects. All above mentioned have astral bedfellows. All their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on until the 14th tribe are under the control of dark forces. For example, a bedfellow of a warlock may send his child to a human child. And a spirit child will bring up the human child in the way he wants, and not in the way parents want. And the more people do harm to others, as we say "suck blood", the more financial support they receive from bedfellow. Money is a gratitude for the vital energy bedfellow pumps out from this person and other people.

It is very hard for my student to communicate with some of her friends, because they snub her, no matter how sweet they are talking to her. Lyudmila always sees the black entity behind their backs. This entity (patron) makes Lyudmila’s friends visit my student or talk to her for a long time on the phone. They can give her a call at 3 am, 4 am or 5 am. They say they felt sick, ask for help and ask her not to hang up. Or they can drop around and stay for 3-5 hours shooting the breeze. They feel good next to Lyudmila, so they do not want to leave. But my student feels bad. Lyudmila’s good manners do not allow her to ask her guest to leave. Of course, my student doesn’t want to stay in touch with this kind of people and We have to help her to stop any cooperation with them. And if you look carefully at your inner circle and your friends, you will find endorsement to My words.
5. Often children have a black patron since birth, if adults in the family swear, shout, drink alcohol, etc. In such families, adults already have black patrons, who take all the children of these adults under their control since their birth.
6. In the last century, black patrons are more and more likely to find victims among the youth. Especially, if young people like different entertainment facilities and after visiting it, they keep chilling mentally, imagining themselves a cool "macho". Black spirits from astral catch this type of people. They do not care about sex or age, the most important thing is that these people want to get pleasure, and they will give this pleasure to them.
It's terrible, but it is very difficult to get rid of them. As it was you who have invited them. Yes, you haven’t done it directly, but you called them. You wanted "love", so here it comes. And the longer it lasts, the harder to get rid of them. There comes a time when people start to understand, unfortunately, not all of them, that something wrong is going on. As after involuntary orgasm, both - women and men feel pain below one’s waist. They go to the doctor, but the doctor can’t diagnose the case for a long time. And the patient develops worsening of symptoms, as the life energy is being pumped from the organs. One may think that it is impossible to get rid of them. But it is not true. See what happens when a person realizes that something has to be done...
In the article "An open letter to those who believe in Siberian Anastasia” my student says: "Everyone, from baby to adult, must have ONE GREAT LOVE. All men, all nature, any and all on the Earth, all humanity – is a big jar of the purest water, water - energy. This Love is the Universal Love the Lord feels towards us now and always. I say “a jar of water” figuratively, in order to explain to you that the whole Earth should live and breathe ONE LOVE. And now imagine that I take this big jar of Love and pour it into several big glasses. I get SEVEN glasses of SUPREME LOVE, that every human soul holds. I am talking about your own Higher Self. And no matter how we pour this water, it has THE SAME ORIGIN, and it leads us to this ORIGIN.

The first one is Love for God.
The second is Love for planet Earth.
The third is Love for Mother Nature.
The fourth is Love for each other.
Fifth - Love for parents.
Sixth - Love for a wife (husband), children, family.
The seventh - Love for all mankind.
Here they are, the Seven Higher-Self, that flow from one Origin, from the GREAT HEART of GOD.
Here they are, the Seven Higher-Self, that will lead all of us under the wing of Our Heavenly Parent, Heavenly Father-Mother. Currently, the people of Earth, live up to the principle: “My family is the most important thing for me”. But in fact, the Seven Higher Selves have to be the most important for us. Wonderful words! Only when one's heart radiates the Light of Divine Love, all the entities of the astral leave one alone. But they will try to pester one with whatever nastiness. For example, they may send their people to visit you or write a negative comment or a letter....

A case from Lyudmila Masterina’s practice

 A girl, being in the age of 18-25 has attracted the astral entity. He has started to visit her during her night dreams. This connection lasted for a few years. She thought that was just a dream. Then she got married. She did her best to offend nobody, to do good and to pour out the light and warmth of her soul. Any thoughts about sex are gone, she lives with her husband. Prayers, light, good, love, peace, the black entity can’t come close. He will step aside, but he will not leave forever. She was his victim for many years. And suddenly, the girl has divorced. This is the case the black patron was waiting for. Now he comes to girl’s night dreams in the image of her ex-husband and the life goes on. It seems to her that everything is ok. Perhaps you watched on TV Andrei Malakhov’s show, called "My husband is an alien". In that TV show, the heroine says that her husband is an alien. But in fact, it is a black astral entity, who openly comes to this woman to spend a night with her.
If a heroine from the TV show did not understand who was visiting her, this girl began to realize that her night visitor was not her husband. Her fear made her pray. She reads the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, goes to church, takes communion. And the "visitor" started to come less often. This does not mean that he left her. It means that the current black patron will be replaced by the stronger one. The girl begins to read Fiery Prayers, the commands of the Violet Flame, and again, the visitor has been gone for a while. And again the substitution of the black entity takes place. It has to be a very strong and brave entity. They know that the Fiery prayers and commands of the Violet flame burn their bodies, but they keep coming. The girl keeps reading Fire prayers and orders, and it makes black entities to be scared of her, they do not approach her openly. They know that they can be burned. In this case, the strongest black entities start pumping the energy from the person, mentally imitating sex. Yes, it sounds terrible, but it's true. And if a woman (it may also happen to a man) will keep reading prayers, orders, start to live according to the Simplicity of Christ, read protective prayers before going to sleep and ask the Higher Forces of Light to protect her soul from everything that is not from God, in this case they will depart gradually. But they will not leave forever.
One should know that nobody, even the healers of the 1st category, can completely remove them. THIS IS NOT WITCHERIES, IT IS A SELF-GRATIFICATION. You let it all happen and you have to remove it yourself. Therefore, I repeat it again, it's very easy to get hooked, but it's very difficult to come off. And remember, if you do not see anything, it does not mean that it does not exist.
We help you to get rid of them, but very often your unnecessary personal thoughts interfere with Us. One thing remains – to live according to the Simplicity of Christ, learn to love all living things, and the most important - learn to love God in yourself, learn to Love Heavenly Parents. And loving God sincerely, you will teach yourself to love each and all. And no matter what is going on in your life, this Love shall be the main and the first Love in your life. ONE SHOULD NOT change cordial Love into a love of money...
Cirdial Fiery Love brings you to a happy life. Love of money gives financial benefit based on the tears of other people, and this is the way down the staircase. We do put a scare into you, we say the TRUTH.

Master Jesus Christ spoke to you. Lyudmila Masterina wrote down My thoughts.
The full article will be published in the ninth book called "Answering the questions".

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