An excerpt from the book "LESSONS OF LIFE" VOLUME 3 by Ludmila Gubko
There came a time the Great Cosmos waited for. Almighty God waited for. I, the Lord of the Earth and Heaven, Jesus Christ, also waited for this time to come. Ludmila Masterina had to be born on Earth, to write down the strongest prayer of a mother for the unborn child. This prayer differs from old prayers. This is a Prayer – Call of earthly woman directly to the Lord. This is a conversation between a soul of a person and the Great Soul of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lyudmila-Masterina has received a lot of letters from the readers of our books, asking to give such a prayer. It took a long time to deliver this prayer. And now women and men of the planet Earth can speak DIRECTLY to the Father in Heaven and Lord Jesus Christ and ask them to forgive their sins. We BLESS this prayer, put a protection by the Divine Fire and send the energy of Love to all the people who will read it. We hope that people will realize this grave sin, and will do everything to save the Earth from pain, tears, suffering and humiliation. Read the prayer, where each single word holds the Divine Love of the Woman - Mother. Read it and eradicate the sin of abortion on Earth.


The Almighty God! You are our Heavenly Father, I address to You with my heartfelt petition. I committed a grave sin. I killed my child, I killed his soul. You gave a life to this soul to be born on Earth, and I, as a mother, could not save this baby and interrupted my pregnancy. I realize that I have killed my child, and he really wanted to live with me. I understand and I accept his pain, fear and humiliation. Lord, I ask You, please, forgive me! Forgive my soul, who tried to reach my mind, but I did not hear it. I realize the full burden of my sin and ask You to forgive me. Forgive me, Heavenly Father! Forgive me, Almighty God! Forgive me, Lord Jesus Christ! God, please, inform the soul of my unborn child, that I repent of what I have done and ask her to forgive me. I apologize to all the souls that could not have been born because of my fault.
I ask Beloved Mother Mary, all Archangels, Angels and Masters of Heaven to heal all mangled souls, that were unable to be born on Earth through human’s fault, including the souls of my unborn children. I ask You, My God, to heal their souls, give power, calmness and reliance that they will be able to be born on Earth, to see their mum, sun, sky and flowers. Let every soul, whose life was interrupted, be surrounded by peace and love.
I ask the Almighty God Holy Father, Master Jesus Christ, beloved Mother Mary, Archangels and Angels to bend every effort to stop abortions on Earth, and to recall all people to the comprehension of life sanctity: human and Divine.
I address to Archangel Michael, Mighty Astrea and Mighty Victory! Please, ring by your Love and protection all pregnant women and all men, who fathered these children. Protect them and help them, so they could give life to a soul, who is a Spark of Love of Almighty God. And let the babies be born on Earth, bringing joy to God, parents, people and Earth.
I ask You, Almighty God, to relieve our country and all the countries of the Earth from the killing of unborn children. It is a huge sin, as the pain, suffering, humiliation, inflicted by a person to unborn soul, remains on the ancestral path of mother and father. Lord, please, help all women and men to realize this sin, to work it out and to save the Earth from the gravest sin of infanticide once for all time.
Let the path of every soul that lives under the heart of woman-mother be light! Let the love of a mother to her children, peace, God and Earth revives and gets stronger. May the thoughts and deeds of the Almighty God resurrect on the Earth!
In the Name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother. Amen. In the Name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother. Amen. In the Name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother. Amen.



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