» » Is DIABETES a karmic or a hereditary disease?

Is DIABETES a karmic or a hereditary disease?

 An excerpt from the book #9 called "We answer the questions". The book is in progress.
"It's not a disease that people inherit, but human vices. Eradicate, atone for, recognize your sins and nobody will be ill. People, you need to understand that once you eradicate the evil, the disease will disappear. Remember: if you had a certain vice for a very long, it was destroying your soul and body, and if you wash it away, for example, you have atoned for it, in this case your physical body will be recovering for a long time, as too much of your vitality was wasted on your vices."
This is an excerpt from Our book "Hear me, man!" chapter "Stones of Evil". But we have received a letter asking if DIABETES was a karmic or a hereditary disease, and we need to give a short answer. The author of the letter can read about this disease in detail in the book mentioned above.
DIABETES is a serious disease and today it is widely spread all over the planet. Yes, people believe it is a hereditary disease and if mother is ill, children will be ill as well. But this disease is given to a man as a consequence of his grave sins. And it won’t disappear until a man atones for and recognizes these sins. Hence, it is a karmic illness. Almost always it flows through the bloodline from one generation to another, each time increasing the level of negativity on the ancestral lines. For example, if a great-great-grandmother was ill, and she has not atoned for, this disease may flow through the ancestral line right into the body of grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, and so forth. And family members on this ancestral line will suffer from this disease, until one of them starts thinking of removing it from the bloodline, in order not to let this disease flow down to children. And again I get back to the book "Hear me, man!":
"One has to know and to keep in mind that it is possible to cure karmic disease through atonement and recognition. One can never cure it on the Earth, until the ill person himself wises up, atones for his sins through his actions and thoughts." There is no other way. People stopped thinking of their doings and its consequences. Nothing and never happens without living marks. Everything comes at a price! Everything! And people pay very painfully for their mistakes and don’t think at all about the reason of this pain. Karmic illnesses disappear very fast once the karmic entity is removed, as this entity eats off person’s health. And the longer the person does not change, and the longer the karmic entity lives in human body, the more illnesses the person has. But the Lord is patient, and He always expects man to wise up... We are very sorry for the children who are ill because their moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfather, and so forth HAVE NOT atoned for and HAVE NOT eradicated their sins, such as resentments, dissatisfaction with other people, selfishness, envy, convictions, lies, theft, hatred, one’s pride, etc. Now these children will have to eradicate this evil from themselves".
 Diabetes is a karmic disease, but it may not occur if person obeys the Laws of God (meaning Commandments of Christ), even if he does not know these Commandments, but he knows and follows the rule "Don’t hurt anyone!" And kindness, mercy, love are the principles of his life. If there were any relatives with diabetes on your ancestral line, watch out for yourself and your children. The Lord used to say that sins can be atoned for through love, kindness and mercy. It means that man can burn sins by the warmth of his soul, but people almost do not think about it. Not always people look up to God once they get sick, and we are all under the same sky. And if there was a person on the ancestral line, who has collected a lot of negativity and as a consequence he had diabetes, of course, he is unlikely to atone for and to recognize his sins before his life will come to its end. It means he will leave this disease to the children. Often the souls born on such bloodlines take this disease upon themselves starting from birth. But to many people Lord gives a chance to show kindness and mercy, and if they do it, the disease may not occur, as warmth and love of human heart will not let it come into the body. Unfortunately, people do not think about this either.
And diabetes can occur at any time and at any age. One has to keep in mind that there are no hereditary diseases, but there are hereditary sins that cause diseases. Be attentive to your health. Those of you who have diabetes on ancestral line should be doubly attentive. Therefore, being diagnosed with diabetes don't panic. Start treatment immediately, deliberately and seriously. Your treatment should include medicines, herbs, holy water, prayers. But the most important thing man has to do is to analyze his sins and the sins of his relatives. Analyze yourself, with what kind and amount of negativity your body is already filled. For example, what were the negative features of your great-grandmother, and which of them you inherited from her. Once everything is thought-out, start treating not only your body but also your mind, as you need to purify it from any negativity. You need to change yourself for the better and pray Lord to help you to resolve these issues. It is necessary to remove all sins from oneself, fix the mistakes and do not repeat it anymore. And only in this case the illness will leave your bloodline and you won’t leave it to your children and grandchildren. It leaves slowly, so be patient and do not stop treatment.
Children under 15 y.o. can be cured completely from diabetes. But the rest of life these children have to live according to the Simplicity of Christ. They must show kindness, charity, love during all their life.
Remove pride, love people and all living beings not just in words, but with your heart, and you will see the result very fast.

Lyudmila Gubko

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  1. Andy
    Diabetes is one of the most frightening disease as it affects our whole body, even our emotions. We should know that Diabetes also affects our physical appearance.

    ПЕРЕВОД. Диабет является одним из самых страшных заболеваний, поскольку он влияет на всё наше тело, даже на наши эмоции. Мы должны знать, что диабет также влияет на нашу внешность.
  2. Andrew
    It is an illness that can affect anyone! Be smart!

    Перевод. Эта болезнь может поразить любого! Будь умнее!


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