Dear friends! Guests of our website! Today I would like to talk to you about Guardian Angels. It's a serious topic and there is a lot of information about it. Some people say they communicate with Angels, some claim that Angels can provide any information, but almost all are sure that everyone has his own Guardian Angel. Everyone! You will get no fight from me and I don’t have an intention to prove anything. No, I will just share with you a True information, hoping that it will make you think, and you will treat your Guardian Angel differently. I repeat, I give the Truth, but to believe in it or not, it depends on you only.
Who are the Guardian Angels?
"GUARDIAN ANGELS are the Executive Power of the Lord! These are the Forces sent to the Earth to defend every person. Everyone should know that Guardian Angel is the Defense Force. Guardian ANGEL is God's Reward! Guardian ANGEL is God’s Particle that descends to Earth from the Subtle World, which is invisible to human eye, in order people couldn’t use Guardian Angel for personal gain. He is under Lord’s protection and carries out all tasks, first of all those posed by the Lord”. These are the words of Lord Maitreya about Guardian Angels written in the book "The call of Light": “The Guardian Angel knows how to defend a person on the Earth.” Reading these lines one can’t help but wonder - if Angel is God's Reward, then do we deserve having this God’s Particle next to us here on the Earth?
Guardian Angels are the Energy of Light, Peace, Good and Love, and They are given the right to defend a person, and They accurately do their job. These invisible Beings are the first to take all life heats of a person. And They can gather in a second, reborn and be ready to defend a person again. Angel loves his earthly master, a person, and He expects to receive gratitude and love from a person. And if something happens to you, then it's your Guardian Angel who takes the first heat. And if you have survived, then the first words of gratitude and cordial love should be addressed to your Guardian Angel and to the Lord.
You should know and keep in mind that if you have a Guardian Angel, then your energies are intertwined and this connection lasts all your life on the Earth. And as long as you are alive, your Guardian Angel lives with you. And when the time comes and you pass away, your Guardian Angel will leave you and fly away to his World, the World of Light and Love. Every Guardian Angel has his own development program. The development level of the Guardian Angel depends on the development level of person’s soul and spirit. The idea is that these levels have to match - a person with a strong spirit, has a strong Guardian Angel. He is always much stronger than a person, we can say that the level of Power, Love, Kindness and Knowledge of the Angel is beyond human. As here on the Earth these heavenly Lightbearers perform tasks people are unable to perform. These Divine Beings have Divine Energies provided by the Lord. And of course, if it weren’t God’s Will, they would never have been able to live on our Earth.
The Master of the Earth and Heaven Lord Maitreya says that "The Lord sends Guardian Angels to Earth in order to defend people from themselves. On the Earth there are a lot of negative things produced by people, and people don’t realize that it can bring them down. But the Lord is Perfect, He has predicted and foreseen a lot, as His Eye is watchful, which means that He looks ahead!"
We, earthlings, should be grateful to the Lord that He gives us Guardian Angels, Helpers and Defenders. And we should hold our deepest gratitude to our personal Angel. We, people, can’t even imagine what a tremendous job the Angels do on the Earth. Be good to your Guardian Angels, love them, and do your best to live in peace, quiet and love. This is what your Angel needs. Do not offend your Angels, and if you do not see them, it does not mean that they don’t exist.
And if in previous lives a person obeyed Creator’s laws and did his best to be kind, honest, merciful, loving, then in a new life such person will receive the Guardian Angel as God's Reward. So that this Angel could not only defend him, but also could help him to continue keeping the Commandments of Christ. And you have to know, that it is very hard for these Luminous Beings to live next to a person full of vices, rudeness, hatred, evil. As the Guardian Angel is a piece of Love and He likes the atmosphere of Peace and Love. And it is He, your Defender and Helper, who works hard to guide you to the right path. It is He who does everything possible and impossible to foster in you kindness, peace, mercy, compassion and love. But if you don’t want to hear Him, don’t want to think, don’t want to improve yourself, but become rougher, greedier, more jealous, angrier, and absolutely do not admit your vices, and you, yourself, leave from God all further and farther, then your Guardian Angel moves from you, but He does not leave you forever. He steps aside, as He sees that you have personally drawn a black angel to yourself. And the black angel is happy that his victim goes down the wrong path. And he starts to foster all victim’s existing vices and to develop the new one. It hurts me to see Guardian Angels people refused of. Yes, people refused from them and it is their own free will, they refused from God’s Help on a whim. And very often, when I look at people using my spiritual sight, I see a black angel behind them, and the Light one is far away. He wears a trouble and disappointed look, He is humiliated and has a terrible pain in His soul. Just think of it, I can’t watch it without crying. And a person can live and can be happy with his life (path), which goes to the dogs. A string of bad luck begins. You have personally attracted this bad luck to yourself through your dirty thoughts, words and actions. And after all you say that it was "voodoo". But it’s not a voodoo, you are your own worst enemy, as you do whatever you want without thinking about the consequences. Change for the better, purify yourself, don’t get angry, don’t sin, but produce Light, Warmth and Coziness round about, and in this case your Guardian Angel will always be with you. Do not hurt Him, as even without your wrong ideas and actions, it is very difficult for Him to live on the Earth.
You ask me why the Light Angel won’t chase away the Black one?
It is because of the Law of the Cosmos. The first law says: “Everyone has a free will, a personal choice”. The second law says: “If people don’t ask for help, it means they don’t need it”. And the third law says: “Love cannot be forced”.
I want to dispel the myth saying that all people have Guardian Angels.
As you already understood the Guardian Angel is God's Reward, it is God’s Particle, and it is not given to everyone as a compliment. A human spirit has to deserve it, and then the Lord will send to him this Luminous Being. When a woman is giving a birth to a child, a group of Angels hovers over a newly born baby. They came to read a program for the Guardian Angel, which is written in baby’s aura. And if a baby has this program, one of the Angels stays with the newly born. This Guardian Angel will stay with this child till the rest of child’s life. And other Angels will fly away to other newly born children. But life on the Earth is getting harder and harder, and most people stuck in their own sins up to their necks. And nowadays very often babies are born with no program for the Angel in the aura. It means that this human spirit didn’t deserve a Defender, he is not worthy of God’s Helper. And the child grows up without God's protection, and it depends only on parents and on child’s upbringing, if the Lord will give him an Angel or again he will not deserve this Reward in a current life. And if a child grows up with God, in tranquility and love, then Heavenly Masters ask the Lord to send to this child a Guardian Angel, and the Lord sends. Often the Angel descends to such children while performing a baptism. And parents should be very attentive to their child, they need to provide a proper upbringing, they need to teach a child to live by the Commandments of Christ, and they need to pray for the child, in order not to be guilty that the Light Angel will step aside, and the black one will bring up your child. Lately it happens very rare in my practice when I see a newborn child with a Guardian Angel behind his back. Usually there is nobody there, or a black angel, as this child is already uncontrollable. And if the spirit of the child has not deserved an Angel, and He is not with the child yet, still there is a hope to get an Angel from the Lord. You need to bring up the child in a right way and to pray for him, so that your child would always stay under God’s protection and the protection of his parents.
A well-being of our children depends on us, adults, but also it depends on themselves, and it is necessary for our children to be under guard and protection of the Light and Strong Guardian Angels. We give some information on this topic in the book "The Way to the Truth" in the chapter "The Soul of a Child", and this article is an addition to it.
I often tell people to take care of their Guardian Angel. He is happy to live at the places filled in with peace, tranquility, kindness and love. And shouting, revilement, obscenities, cruelty, hypocrisy, lies, envy, all these vices are regarded as whipping of His Loving Soul. People, believe me, this is TRUE! And I ask everyone to be kind and calm, to become pure and light, and your Guardian Angel will always be with you. And I add, do not believe that the Guardian Angel of a person has large wings. Yes, in the Cosmos there are a lot of Angels and all of them have different shape, and there are Angels with the wings too, but Guardian Angel takes the shape of a human body, but he has superhuman strength, and when he returns home, he becomes (transforms into) a gentle cloud.
And I want to tell everyone, I just want you to know it for the future. I put a question to the Master: “Do Angels have a right to talk to people?”
And the Lord answered me: "According to the Law of the Cosmos, Guardian Angels DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to talk to people, suggest anything to him, but they can warn people through actions. Angel has no right to tell a person about his future life, a person must think himself and make his own decisions. Here again works the law of a free will and a personal choice given to people by the Lord. But if necessary, the Angel asks the Lord to give him a permission to talk openly to his master (a person), but to do that a person has to have a True, Divine hearing, and it happens very rare. Nowadays to the Earth come children who can hear and see their Guardian Angels, they can communicate and play with him. And if a child is brought up with God, this dialogue may continue, but unfortunately, most of children loose this ability when they reach age 3. I repeat again that Guardian Angels are forbidden to talk to people, but there are Cosmic entities that look like angels and they can communicate with people, but they are not true angels. "
As you see, Divine Angels have no right to talk to people, especially to predict something to a person. So if you've read somewhere that Guardian Angels told something, you should know that it's a total lie given by the black angel, not by the Light One. There are a lot of books, for example, "Revelations of guardian angels", where a dirty lie is encoded by the forces of darkness. After reading such books people have mental health issues. I'm serious, as We had to save people from the consequences of such "revelations..."
Be careful with everything! As the forces of darkness are on the watch. They know for sure that the Fiery Cross spreads upon the Earth, hence, the Lord came to gather his children, which means that very soon the dark forces will suffer a defeat. That is why they spread their nets in order to catch as many human souls, as possible. People of our Earth, be smart and attentive!
In conclusion, I suggest you to read the thoughts of the Master of Earth and Heaven, Beloved Lord Maitreya. "Unfortunately, humanity has fallen down, people don’t fulfill Lord’s requirements and don’t spread honorably the light that was given to people by the Lord once he has created a man. A spiritual fall of a man, a total disregard of God’s Laws are the reasons why nowadays people DO NOT DESERVE to be rewarded by the Lord with the Guardian Angel. That is why nowadays not everyone on the Earth has a Guardian Angel, and much less, people don’t have two Guardian Angels, as people themselves say. A person is not able to see his Angel, he can’t know if he has one or maybe two Guardian Angels. A lot of soothsayers and clairvoyants, as they call themselves, say to a person that he has a Guardian Angel who performs certain functions and tasks; but people, you HAVE TO KNOW that it is a lie. And this lie closes your eyes, it does not allow a person to find out about himself something that he has to find out. Everyone should explore if he deserves the Lord to reward him with the GUARDIAN ANGEL? "(an excerpt from the book "The call of Light”).
I wish everyone to have a True, Light, Strong, Loving Guardian Angel, sent to you by the Lord Himself. Peace to all of you, people! Peace to your household! Peace to our Earth!

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