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HUMAN AURA (Аура человека)

 “Every human soul is dressed in a white dress of Love. It is woven from the energy of Love,it is tender, light, weightless, airy. It radiates all the colors of the rainbow and illuminates everything around it. The soul is the eternal bride of True Love. One should cross the field of Life and don't dust the white dress of his soul. "

A question came to my mind when I was rereading the epigraph to the article. And I would like to put it to all our readers. How do you think, what color is the dress of your soul? Is it happy to be born in your physical body?We liveonly thanks to this drop of Love. In our books Wewere talking about the soul more than once, so I will not repeat the information. But today we will have a very serious conversation and I think informative at the same time. Going through the letters from our readers, I have noticed that many of them are saying about human aura. They write that the size of humanaura is 19, 49, 7 meters and so on. The readers judge the aura by its size.

“Please, advice, if it is true: the leader of our group claims that her aura extends for 8 meters. I doubt it! How can it be? Or I am mistaken?” These and similar questions were sent to my mail. Once I attended the meeting where a lady claimed that her aura reached 10 meters. It is supposed to be her energetic power. Unfortunately, when I use my spiritual vision, I see an absolutely different picture. I am not going to argue with people who believe they have a huge aura. I see the real size of it and I see who creates this aura for them. I have not found the Truth in the Internet, therefore I ask the Teacher of all mankind, the Lord of the Land and Heaven, Cosmic Jesus Christ to answer these questions in a SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE MANNER.
- My student, I am happy that you have decided togive the TRUE information to people and to answer these questions. It is true that there is a lot of information about the human aura in the Internet, but it does not give the correct idea and comprehension of what a human aura is. And this is the simplest question. And the answer to it is also simple and clear. This is the first time in many thousands of years that We give to Earth the true information about the human aura.


The human aura is a glowingenergyaround the whole body.People used to call this glow the etheric body. It is possible to call it this way, but it is easier to call itan aura. It is thin and it is in constant motion. Imagine a person in a darkness. And around this personyou can see a light-colored diffused light, merged with the physical body. The more person thinks and doesthe good, the stronger glowshis aura. The energy glow around the body is the protection of a person’s physical body.


ALL people have approximately THE SAME SIZE of aura which isfrom 1 mm to 10-15 cm. NO MORE.The healers can see holesin the aura. A hole means a sore area. Or they can see that the aura in this area is dark-colored(from gray-brown to black). It means that in this areathere is not only a disease of the physical body, but also an accumulation ofnegative energy that provokes the disease. This is a kind of a swallow hole, through which the negative energy comes into the body and spreads throughout this body. And in this situation a person feels bad and a pain appears on the area of a swallow hole.
People say that the migraine appears and disappears itself. But migraine comes from nervous breakdowns in society, when people send negative thoughts to a person who shows his displeasure with something. And these negativethoughts are addressed to him and they were dropped and fly purposefully in his head. Even at a distance,envy, an evil eye, whammy, gossips, evil words, make holes in the human aura and the person becomes ill. In such cases one should treat both the body and the aura. One needs medicine and prayers, and holy water. One can make it without medicine, if the aura is curedproperly. (...) (...)


For example. One woman gave a call to my student and put her aquestion: “Why do I feel bad when I think about the trip?” The answer was that she had a strong fear while crossing the block posts on the Ukrainian border. And this fear was caught by the forces of darkness, whobrokeher aura in the head area. Of course, having such an energy hole, the tripbecame very difficult (motion sickness, vomiting, lack of air, heartbeat). My student cures any sort of hole in the aura of a living being just scanning the person with her look. The physical location of the person does not matter toher,the main thing is to cure the aura. If the negative energy is somewhere deep inside, she pulls it out and forwards it to the sender or she burns itimmediately. It is easy to do it if the Fire of Love burns in the soul. Using this method my student has filled a gap in the aura of a womanwho called her, so she is healthy. (...) (...)
(...) So why do healers and psychics say they have a big aura? My answer will make upset all those who increase their aura by themselves. (...) (...)
But if a person fearlessly and confidently walks along the Road of Light to meet the Living God, enduring all difficulties, falls, rises, but moves only forward, cleansing himself and absorbing the Light of True Love, his aura begins to glow brightly. And if the Fiery Love flares up in his heart,and this is the Love that the Heavenly Father feels towards all of us, then all his bodies and all organs will glow with the Fire of Love. Suchpeople don’t have aura at all, they totally become a pure ENERGY, but in a physical body. We are very sorry, but there are just a few people like this on Earth, but they already exist.

A woman with a torch in her hands. "She walks alone on her earthly road, holding the Torch of Freedom high above her head, lighting the way for all people who got lost on the way and who wants to follow the path of Light, Peace and Love." (Lyudmila GUBKO "Lessons of Life" Volume 2)


A detailed, simple and clear answer of a Teacher you will read in the book #10, "We answer the questions," Volume 2. In the book, this topic is covered at length in the chapter called "The human aura." You will find out why the healers believe they have a large aura and how big it is in reality, how people pollute their auras, what is holes in the aura and how to fill them in, and what to do in order “not to be ashamed in front of the Heavenly Father, in front of the Lord, for the pain of the soul and the dirty aura "(from the article).
Ludmila Gubko


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